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CALLING ALL ARTISTS!!!!! POP Pilates DVD Cover Contest

Hey POPsters!

So!!! Guess what?

No I am not a hater of Jillian Michaels. I like her!

Actually the reason for the image above is that I have decided to have a DVD cover contest! I’ve been so backed up with stuff and I need to get this DVD out and like I said online, the last thing I need is a cool cover!

And this is where you come in.

After checking your tumblrs and messages to me with your artwork, I realized that not only are we a community of healthy, fit people, we are also VERY VERY talented in the arts!!! Whoa!!! Can I please just give a shoutout to my artists out there? Graphic designers!? OMG you guys ROCK.

So I was trying to make one myself, but realized , OMG, I think a POPster could do a way better job…and what a better way to launch the new DVD than with a collaboration with the community. And YOU GUYS can choose the cover!!!! Plus you’d have your work featured on the first ever POP Pilates DVD, to be distributed throughout the WORLD, I’d put your name in the rolling credits and just to top it off because the holidays are coming up…I want to include an oGorgeous gym bag so you have a place to hold all your gym gear, mat, and your laptop and tablet :)

Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag in French Rose, $149, oGorgeous.com.

Pleated Pocket in Black Glitter, $154, ogorgeous.com.

So here are the details!


  1. Create a DVD Cover (front panel) best showcasing the fun and personality of Cassey and the Blogilates/POP Pilates Community! For sizes, just google “DVD cover templates” and create an image big enough to print to the bleed.
  2. What must be included in design:
    1. “Cassey Ho”
    2. “POP Pilates: Total Body Workout”
    3. “Blogilates” or “Blogilates presents”
    4. “Full 1 hr slimming & sculpting routine”
    5. “Just like being in a live class with Cassey”
    6. One of these pictures of me from this gallery: http://sorient.pl/cassey/ (They are in psd and tif format and you can right click and save link as to download. )
  3. You may enter as many times as you would like!
  4. This is an international contest.
  5. Starts now and ends on Halloween Oct 31, 2012.
  6. Submit your work by posting it on Tumblr (if you don’t have one, create one, it’s free) and when you upload the image tag it “poppilatesdvd”. You must do this or else I cannot find it. By the way you can follow me at blogilates.tumblr.com
  7. You must also upload your work to facebook.com/Blogilates
  8. We will begin voting in November.
  9. I want to leave the creativity up to you but if you were thinking for a place to start, I was kinda thinking make it look like a magazine cover! I think that’d be punchy and cool. But of course, do a few and submit em all! Your idea may look better than mine!


  • Your work will be featured on the cover of the first ever POP Pilates DVD to be distributed world wide. Great for your portfolio and CV.
  • You will win an oGorgeous gym bag valued up to $154.
  • You will be hired for to also create the back of the DVD and the inside DVD disc. (Paid job opportunity!)
  • You get to work with me. (DUH! Best prize ever!) Just kidding.
  • And side note: everyone who enters may in the future be considered for Blogilates/oGorgeous graphic design work, so show we what you’ve got!!!!

GOOD LUCK!!! Can’t wait to see your entries!

<3 Cassey

PS – if you’re not an artist but have a friend who is, please share this contest with them!

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  7. jessiehslezak said: You are going to be SO happy you came up with this idea! This is the kind of contest I’ve been waiting for!! I CANT WAIT to show you my finished designs! (Still in progress!) You’re gunna love them!
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    Hope I don’t get insecure seeing other people’s work better than mine…but this will be a good way for me to practice....