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FIRST EVER BLOGILATES CHALLENGE! Your goal this week is to toss/donate 5 things that you haven’t used or thought about in the last year. Studies show that people who have cluttered spaces also tend to hold extra weight. Your space is a reflection of you. After you throw away your things, post to tumblr what they were and why you didn’t need them.

Now tell me, what 5 things will go bye bye this week?

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  2. imaginationoverrealityy answered: donated a bunch of clothes :)
  3. breathereallyhard answered: I actually just got rid of a whole box of books and 2 bags of clothes!
  4. wishingforwings answered: Threw away 1. a bunch of cosmetics 2. some magazines 3. a big load of clothes 4. some shoes 5. a box of random stuff from my living room
  5. mscheevious answered: Done. Got ride of a red striped button up shirt, a yellow/green poncho, 2 separate too-tight halter tops and a dress!
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  8. alastoorh answered: اتمنى لك التوفيق في عملك ..=) leyan
  9. apenas-uma-garota-de-allstar answered: nao entendi nada
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    I cleaned my room the other day, actually, but not my desk. The top drawer is my “junk drawer”, so what better place to...
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  12. jelochad answered: really i love ty babys
  13. jelochad said: oh.. pls just give me some of the ty babys… i love them =) <3
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  15. luearthur answered: oi
  16. hotflasher answered: I think I’ll start with the itchy red turtleneck…
  17. anunfinishedsculpture answered: 1. 2 of my former “fat” outfits. I’m not that size any more.
  18. tonethatbod answered: Love this! :) <3
  19. tinypiecesoflife reblogged this from blogilates and added:
    Alright! I accept the challenge!
  20. scout1222 answered: This morning I pitched 2 purses, 2 pairs of shorts, an old coffee maker, and some ugly knick-knacks.
  21. leenafit answered: Shirts that I never wear, purses that I don’t use, a few wallets (inside which I found 6$ card for wal-mart! SWEET!), & a broken clock. Whoot
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  23. shameless-hippie said: this is awesome! :) I hope you keep giving challenges, I’ll definitely do them!
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    5 things!! Right lemme think… 1. All those size 12 clothes that will NEVER fit me again :) 2. All old stock from my...
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    Yesterday I organized and cleaned out my bins and baskets around the house. Today I am attacking my closet and breaking...