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Cassey’s Sample 1 Hour Gym Routine

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who was so super supportive of me yesterday. I read through all of your comments and I wish we could all have a big group hug. You lifted my spirit and I am forever grateful. I will be filming a POP Pilates full body workout today in appreciation. Excited?

Also! After all of your input on the App VS. DVD debate, I have decided that the app should come first. DVD later. Actually maybe even instead of a DVD I could do an iTunes download. Hmmm…but anyway! The POP Ambassadors and I will be think-tanking the features of the app and I will be asking for YOUR input from time to time on what you want in the ultimate fitness app. If anyone passionately wants to be a part of the app development, let me know, and maybe I’ll make you ambassador of app development. Ha. I’m so good with naming things :P

Anyway!!! A lot of you ask me what I actually do at the gym. Well aside from teaching POP Pilates classes I lift weights and run. I haven’t always been like that though! I start seriously lifting in April of this year-ish and running at the beginning of 2011. I started with just a mile a day. Then 2. Then 3. Then 4! Then I ran my first half marathon this September. I wouldn’t say I LOVE running but it’s an effective cardio workout. I used to kickbox for my cardio back in college. That seriously works too.

So here’s a sample look at what I do before, during, and after a workout:


- Handful of almonds and dried cranberries an 1 hr before or 1/2 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt with half banana and 1 TBS sunflower seeds (1 hr before gym time)

- Hydrate throughout morning with water

WORKOUT PLAN (complete full circuit - repeat 4x):

1. Sumo squats x 25 with 40 lb EZ bar (picture below is not an EZ bar) - raises my heart rate, works butt, shoulders.

This is an EZ bar. See the indents in the middle? It’s more comfortable for your hands. Oh and lifting gloves make all the difference.

2. Bicep curls x10 with 30 lb bar. Works biceps.

3. Single leg squat x 15 each leg with 50 lb bar on back. Go until butt touches bench. Keeps heart rate up. Works butt and legs.

4. Bulgarian Squat x 20 each leg with 50 lb bar on back. Keeps heart rate up and works butt and legs as well.

5. Alternating Medicine ball pushup x 25 on toes. Works chest, arms, and core.

6. Tricep dips x 25 with legs fully extended. Works triceps.

7. Clean and Press x 10-15 with 40 lb bar. Here is a video from diethealth on YouTube. Sarah is using 2 dumbbells but I used a bar. Form is still the same. Keeps heart rate up and works legs, butt, and core.

I repeat this routine 4x total. It takes me about 50 min to finish. Then I go on the treadmill and do a 10 min cardio blast.

Ten 30 sec sprints at 10mph. I go 30 sec on 30 sec off until my 10 min is up.

Then I’m done! Sweaty as can be!


I always try to eat within 30-60 min of finishing my workout to absorb essential nutrients for muscle building and loading up energy for the next day’s workout. I might eat a banana protein pancake or broccoli with tofu and eggs or a sweet potato and some TVP, maybe a protein shake. 

That’s it folks!

I worked up to those above weights. Start light and add on…you don’t want to hurt yourself. By the end of each set you should be near exhaustion. That’s how you determine your proper weight for the exercises. Classes like BODYPUMP truly made me more confident with lifting. You could also hire a personal trainer to show you some moves too.

Do not be intimidated by the guys in the weight room. And don’t be shy about the weights you’re using. Everyone is just there to train hard and they only care about themselves anyway. So don’t think everyone’s critiquing what you’re doing. Really, no one’s looking…unless they can’t take their eyes off you :P

What do your gym workouts look like?

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